mind the mirrors – move to the right

So this is why we had to take a detour thru Rendsburg 10 am this morning. The comment at the end of the article illustrate “typisch” Sunday-driver assumptions. I’ve witnessed more drivers of slower moving vehicles nearly loose control of their cars in the left/middle lane when after 5 min they look in the rear view mirror and realize they aren’t only car on the road.

Unfallserie auf Rader Hochbrücke – A7 gesperrt


Here we say, “Moin”


Close to 17 months and not a word from me! It took a mild hacking stunt to pull me back and give this site a quick n’ dirty tune up. I suppose it’s high time I spill the skinny on our what- and whereabouts and why there’s plop beer in this post.

After living 8 years in Germany’s southern most major city — 22 months of which were spent relishing far-too-short weekend visits with Alex — a solid decision was made when the opportunity to live and work in the same city finally presented itself. It wasn’t easy leaving friends I consider family and a city I felt very comfortable calling home. Seven months after the move, it still isn’t easy. But here we are doing our best to get to know Germany’s northern most city, the harbor-town Flensburg, situated just 10 minutes from the Danish border.

First thing towards integration — getting to know the local beer! I admit it. I’m not a fan of the Flensburger Pils but the Keller and Dunkel beer are quite divine and the smaller-sized bottles are actually made just for my consumption speed. Hooray, for cold beer on the last pour.

I’m told this winter has been rather mild for which I’m grateful. The occasional bike ride to work in the misty rain or slow jog in the nearby forest has acclimated me to the air. I now know strong, cold wind that doesn’t feel angry. The landscape is dotted with places that could be total eye candy if there was money flowing like it does in the south. Even so, there is a magic here especial when the sun makes an appearance.

Somebody forgot

to tell the maniac U3 driver that the train switches sides of the track between Implerstraße and Brüdermuhlstraße after 9:30 p.m. A woman chucked her very boring purse contents and I nearly lost my grip on my viola case. A few more degrees of tilt and more than just a few people would have been meeting noses and not giggling about it later. Only after the driver stopped, mumbled something and then proceeded to drive on did I realize that we didn’t hit a body in the tunnel after all.

The rest of my yesterday was spent chasing trains on different tracks, deciphering which way the wagons would arrive on my connection and battling the woman behind me who used my chair with broken reclining mechanism as crutch every 5 minutes.

I’m frustrated with you, public transportation.

You know I was finally in a subway train where somebody actually pulled the emergency lever the other day. The drive stopped and ask in a blah manner, “would the person who pulled the lever, pull it again if it is an emergency”. Then he drove on. The written hype about the consequences of pulling the lever (are there any?) is so underrated.

The city is almost finished setting up for Oktoberfest and we all know what an animal house the public transportation will be like in Munich.

It is a wall of these moments that reminds me of the fond times me and my little POS car had in Florida.  Or not…