and we eat cake!

As we left the Busching Garten in the neighborhood near Prinzregentenplatz and my Obama balloon tied to my Crumpler, it hadn’t clicked.

We rode our bikes through the deserted Munich streets on a relatively warm November morning, passed the Friedensengel and along the Isar River toward home, all the while millions of Americans around the world waited.

Although conservative CNN already called for Obama’s victory in Pennsylvania and Ohio and it was clearly impossible that McCain could rule the electorate the rest of the way west, beyond Monterey Bay, still it had not fully sunk in that soon Obama would be named President-Elect. Even when we got home at 4:30 in the morning, I wasn’t giddy. Just dog tired and hopeful.

But I must have slept well and woke up to beaming sunlight and the sound of children playing outside. It was noon and I felt like a zombie just out of a 7-hour coma. This faded as Alex and I drank coffee and ate scrambled eggs while we watched N24 cover the last hour of reporting on a momentous event. In the End: 338 to 163. It was hard for me not to get choked up with emotion and happiness. It’s been a long journey to come to this point.

So some scenes from the party hosted by the Democrats Abroad in Munich:

In other related happy news

I’m ecstatic that over 4 million Floridians voted for Obama giving him 27 votes to secure a win for presidency. Obama won my county, Hillsborough, which is unheard of, and Alachua (where I went to university). Counties I had worked in: he tied with McCain in Sarasota County, but lost DeSoto (traditionally poor, turning to a haven for wealthy urban sprawlites) Manatee and Charlotte (retreat for rich, retired, snow birds).

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