getting in touch again

Alex’s dad just called me up to say congratulations on the election of Barack Obama to the office of US President. I thanked him graciously and said I was pretty excited and proud too.

I then told him that Alex wasn’t home yet from work because we stayed up most of the election night. But he said, “No, no I just wanted to talk to you.”

I finally watched President-Elect Obama’s victory speech tonight. The entire day I was trying to keep myself together and not get too emotional. But as Alex and I sat on the couch watching him speak and seeing all those people on Grant Field, I couldn’t hold back all that joy any longer. Eight long years, now what a release. To see a community organizer make it, to see a whole world ready to embrace America again.. it’s freaking awesome.

2 thoughts on “getting in touch again”

  1. It was a fantastic speech. Not his best, but in context, incredible. I have an MP3 of it on my site if you want to keep it for posterity.

  2. I agree. His “A More Perfect Union” speech is my favorite so far. But I have a feeling we’ll hear more to come. Thanks for the MP3! It’s also offered on NPRs website if you want to save bandwidth :)

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