illegitimate: the infuriating news

Yes! A double feature today! This was tacked onto my last post, but I figured it deserved it’s own slot for rantage.

Florida further legalizes discrimination by passing a constitutional ban on same-sex (a doubling of state law) and domestic partnerships with 62 percent support. Thank you Florida! for being intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, and identities differing from your own.

Perhaps you may be thinking, what’s the big whoop, Heza? You and Alex are heterosexual, just get married. While this (marriage) may be a dream of many, and I celebrate with all my heart with those who fulfill this aspiration, this ideal does not define my core or my identity.

I am fully in the belief that a relationship can be stable, loving, and committed without a religious or secular marriage. We share the ups and downs in life and this is how we choose to live. I believe and I know that family is defined beyond blood, marriage, or adoption.

When I announce that Alex is my partner and best-friend and we are committed to each other without marriage, this should not be a challenge to treat my relationship or my beliefs with disrespect, discrimination and bigotry.

I don’t want special treatment, allocation, or protection. I just want you sociopaths to stay out of my life and out of my beliefs.

So Florida. Thanks to the dysfunctional groups who put this measure on the ballot and 62% who voted yes to Amendment No. 2, your children and grandchildren of same-sex, unwed, or divorced parents will continue to face unwarranted taunts and labels as abnormal and inferior bastards.

Go head and make it acceptable for so-called friends and ‘loving’ family members to continue to pressure the membership into an antiquated fraternity whose fundamentals are long overdue for a enlightenment overhaul.

Make it easy for insurance companies to refuse to insure health coverage and to allow landlords to turn people away from obtaining shelter or employers to overlook unmarried people for promotion, assignments or benefits.

Thanks to the 62% for make my constitution less neutral and more immoral.

You know, A Free Man, you can continue your Florida Hate Week.

2 thoughts on “illegitimate: the infuriating news”

  1. Like you, I am SO angry about this. When are we going to grow up? I can’t believe that you go in and tick the box for Obama and to discriminate against gays on the same ballot. Florida Hate Week has been extended and let’s add Arkansas, Arizona and California as well!

  2. This is sickening to me. 50 years ago it was legal to discriminate based on race. We (collective) came to our senses on that one (and woohoo for electing Obama!) but we’ve taken 2 GIANT steps backwards with this amendment. Instead of race, it’s now marital status that we are discriminating on and well, it makes me sick and very sad.

    There were lots of us out there who feel like you Heather. How you live your life (unmarried hetero, gay, whatever) doesn’t have an affect on the ‘sanctity’ of my marriage. I just don’t buy that argument from the opposition. I’m certainly going to stew over this one for quite some time. legalized discrimination. Right in my back yard *spit*

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