Lumpia Wrapper Recipe (for Sariwa! Filipino Fresh Lumpia)

At our last Asian Cooking Olympics party. I made lumpia to represent my pacific islander side. Since our group consists of a large number of vegetarians I had to make a deviation to the typical fried variant and explore a meat-less version.

In the past I’ve used tofu or a vegetable meal to make the fried version but I’ve been disappointed every time with the result. It’s going to be vegetarian–it should be fresh. That’s when I discovered the Sariwa version. There isn’t an exact science to it. The filling can be what your heart desires. The critical thing to make it Filipino should be some use of patis and the wrappers should be authentic.

If you want fried lumpia then you can get away with using the store-bought Chinese wrappers but to eat them fresh you must use a Filipino lumpia wrapper. I can’t find them in any of the dozen Asian stores in Munich so I made them from scratch. Crazy, I know. But so worth it. I tried out several recipes, pouring the batter into the pan and all of them turned out to be too thick, pancake like–this is a no go.

The trick, surprisingly, is a paint brush. I image the numerous recipes on the web will do but the technique you have to really get down. Here’s the one I used and will use in the future:

This simple recipe makes about 28 pieces:

250 ml of flour
1 egg white
300 ml water

Mix all the ingredients until very smooth. You may have to adjust this mixture with more water after you experiment with it.

Heat a non-stick pan to about medium heat. BRUSH a light mixture onto the pan. A thinner mixture works best if you brush one layer quickly in varying brush strokes in sections at a time and then add a second coating. When the dough starts to come away from the pan, lift the wrapper out carefully and flip it over. Don’t over cook it or it will be too crispy. It will take a will of experimentation but you’ll find a method to works best.

TIP: The wrapper will NOT lift off the pan easily if the mixture is not fully cooked.

Adapted from Babyc at kitakitz

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  1. thanks for this recipe! been looking for the street fresh lumpia wrapper recipe that i liked. i have tried 2 others but ended up with the not-too-stretch, too eggy, or the kind of lumpia wrapper for ubod. This turned out perfectly. Hubby loved it too.

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