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Politics: concerns over the petite bourgeoisie

So I’ve seen the Palin interviews. I’ve read through FactCheck.org. I watched the presidential and vice-presidential debates. What a wonder! I have never in my life been so informed about a presidential race as I am now and I live abroad. Thank you, Internet!

One thing I can conclude is that Governor Palin is really over her head. I certainly don’t want her to believe that she is going to end up in a make-believe sweltering, underworld, but I hate to break it to her: most women in California and throughout the United States, including my expat self, don’t want her support.

Palin may have broken through many barriers as governor of Alaska. Palin and her neighbors may be able to spy on Putin from their back porches. But those aren’t the answers we’re looking for. What women really need, what Americans need from the next president/vice-president is help. There is a whole country of people who need your help, Mrs. Palin:

  • People who can’t afford their homes need your help,
  • Seniors and babies who lack essential medical care need your help,
  • Those involved in domestic gun violence (i.e., innocent folk, people with too much passion and no healthy emotional outlet, the mentally unstable, etc) they all need your help,
  • Ordinary, decent people worried sick that they can’t take care of their partners or children because they live under a government that doesn’t represent them, need your help,
  • Teenagers who were careless, women who were raped or a victim of incest, need your help
  • USA-born children of il-/legal immigrant parents, need your help
  • Veterans, need your help
  • the list goes on..

Governor Palin, how can you help these people? How can you positively influence their lives without relying solely on the ‘trickle down’ theory? The simple answer is: You can’t. And you shouldn’t. No one should be asked to compromise their principles. And for you to leave your creature comforts in Alaska and become vice-president of the United States of America, you would have to compromise your morals and beliefs or worse, compromise the freedoms and beliefs of the American people. This simply should not be allowed to happen.

I know Palin is not only charming and effective, she’s also convincing: evoking the populist in every little man needing defence from the powerfully imposing government, corporate, or fire-breathing union. But please let me just say, her sweet and cutesy method of ‘we’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys,’ may be infectious, but this does not by any stretch of the facts qualify her for comparison to a Hitler-personality (Hitler used militant fear to obtain obedience and a majority. To say that she is, is quite irresponsible.).

Still her tactics and those regurgitated in the McCain/Palin campaign are certainly not helpful to Americans. Knowing the diverse spectrum of problems Americans are confronted with today, Palin’s world view and her lack of vision of this spectrum, this is what scares the shit out of me. She has yet to show that she has any comprehension beyond the black and white of her upbringing.

And then there is McCain. He is a total loss to me. I don’t know where this great war hero’s mind is any more. For better or for worse, he is what we call, good people. I voted for him absentee in the 2000 primaries before I learned that he dropped himself from the ticket. I thought he was a better choice than Bush back then and still do. But the ideas McCain has and still repeats about the world and America expired in September of 2001.

It is not the time to recall the memoires of Lincoln, FDR, or Kennedy. We are living the brave new world and we need someone at the helm ready to successfully drive new and challenging ideas both home and abroad and that someone fully needs to understand the history from which we all came from, from all political, social, and economic fronts. We need a president and vice-president who aren’t going to say to Americans and the rest of the world, ‘Let me get back to ya’ on that.’ I don’t see that ever coming from Barack Obama or Joe Biden, they to me, are the most presidential and vice-presidental candidates I have seen in the 12 years I have been eligible to vote.

It takes every ounce of my being to see this election objectively before I begin any sort of subjective analysis. But with all the Tina Fey videos, jaw dropping interview clips, back and forth fact stretching it’s hard not to go straight to formulating a half-ass, witty opinion. Even if it does soothe the weary mind to poke at the flaws of any of the candidates, I just don’t know how that helps the country. I’m not talking about being politically correct, I’m talking about cutting the crap and let’s get down to fixing the aftermath of this 8-year cluster f$ck.

What angers me to the core is that Palin and McCain are intellectuals going among the regular joe-six packers and speaking to the people in an anti-intellectual tone. It’s maddening as a former redneck to hear. Palin doesn’t own a seaplane, McCain doesn’t own a jet plane because they are simple folk just trying to keep the “man” out of their lives. They work the man any way it suits them. This isn’t presidential. It’s petty.

I’ll admit I’m finished with this cultural war ping pong. The world is far to complex to live completely in the red or the blue. We won’t solve life’s hardest questions by grabbing each other by the throat. It is time to do the most good with our single vote given the times we live in. Today, should not be about holding out for some fantasy up-rise of a third-party candidate. The USA is grounded in the tradition that America has two well organized and unified parties to help make this country better for the people. And that’s what we should work on first before forming a better party system.

I’m voting absentee and I’m voting for Obama/Biden because they have the vision to help Americans and the energy to restore dignity in the people. I’m not sure if my vote will be counted since already someone tried to fax a bogus ballot in my name without my signature. It will only be a matter of time before someone forges it. That’s why I urge you to vote and hopefully we’ll all be working to give help to Americans who so desperately need it.

Play time’s over – Where’s the Beef, Palin?

Hey, Palin. Time to play with America-sized problems. Let’s hear it.It’s time to commence mental preparation: For the next four years, McCain and Palin will pave the bridge connecting to the Bush-Cheney Highway to Hell.

Pessimistic? No. This is reality. This is America. And I, unfortunately, give a shit.

I heard on NPR.org about the Mom Wars that have erupted since Palin was nominated for VP. The callers on the segment seem to know their stuff and opinions run all which ways, some colliding with my own, some not.

But one thing I found myself nodding in agreement with, I don’t know anything on where Palin stands with the issues.

Sure what does it matter anyway, yer votn’ Donkey? I’m bored. This election has gone so far to Shitsville, I’m losing sleep. The time is ticking. And I’ve been inundated with enough liquid tabloid crap its been hard to stomach anything these days. Where’s the solid matter? I want meat, Palin.

Governor Palin’s family matters are her load to bare. What matters is the lack of content from Palin. What I know of her activities in Alaska places Palin very low on ethics for me. Fine. Every politician has a chiropractor.

Still. I’m afraid. Um um. No info. Not good. Not good for making this an interesting race. Not good at all when the chances are very high Palin becomes president because McCain expires in office.

So I found this letter from momsrising.org asking Governor Palin to clarify her position on key issues. I’m asking that too. Where’s the beef, Palin? I want the Caribou special. Here’s your moment to lock and load, put those fancy spectacles to use and get us on target.

I fit a wide spectrum: from a friend or relative of family with babies or teens, to someone who at any moment could pack my German manfriend, move back to the States and potentially bring a wicked (-ly awesome) child into this world. You know I’m at the ripe age and hormonal.

The quote below has major significance to me. I want to know, from her explicitly, if Governor Palin is to be an “advocate and friend” in the White House and she feels comfortable bashing community organisers, where does Palin

“stand on the issues which are critical to [everyone] like healthcare, fair pay, paid family and medical leave, after-school programs, childcare/early learning, paid sick days, and flexible work options.” -momsrising.org

Yes, Palin could start there. But there’s a whole lot more she needs to dig real deep and shed light on. We don’t want to resort to coming up with our own, hating conclusions.

Resentment, while it may work for Palin’s party, doesn’t work for us. We’re just plain, just-as-redneck, just-as-minority, falsely ‘e’ labelled, and have a desire to make things better kind of folk. That’s it.

Governor Palin, please give us your ideas/remedies to issues that matter to all Americans. McCain is old, perhaps he can’t hold down all the specifics of his Maverick plans. It really is unbecoming for Palin to hide behind the vague Daddy McCain.

I also sincerely hope Hillary Clinton is ready too. She has a new role in this election. We need Hillary to get these answers from Palin.

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Unrigging the US Election

To my peeps in the US. Let’s not let this year’s election come down to hanging chads. It’s time to check if you are ready to vote.

Need to find out how to register to vote? Not sure if you’re already registered? It’s easy. All your questions, complaints, excuses will be alleviated here at:


I checked this site out, entered my info and this is what I got back:

Voting Abentee

Florida does not have a single official absentee form or does not provide it to the public. Call 850-245-6200 or visit Florida’s election information website for more information.

Can I Vote Early In Person?

Early Vote is available from October 20 through November 2.

Mail Absentee Form In By

October 29.

Mail Your Ballot By

November 4.

I’ll be voting absentee. Although, I’m starting to develop a superstition that I botch all elections when I vote absentee. I might register as an expat. In which case, here is the place to go: http://www.fvap.gov/

Here in Munich, everyone’s talking or got an opinion about the War to the White House presidential election. Many Europeans I’ve talked to believe the McCain/Palin SOS Camp will win. This rains on my parade, big time. But perhaps you, Mr. I-ain’t-no-US-Citizen, just need to rethink your position. You too can have your say and cast a vote at the Vote For President website.

57 days to go! Now back to my previous level of optimism.

ready. set…

While Obama entertained a crowd of about 200,000, I supported my own hero of the hour in a mini-crowd of 31,000. Alex participated in the Maxi-Firmenlauf held at the Olympiapark and I figured he could use a little fan club action.

I once upon a time used to be a road race junky but I lost the fever for it. Seeing all these people in their running gear brought back a lot of memories. But I never participated in anything this big.

The race began at 7:30pm on a balmy evening. This was to be Alex’s first road race and he did pretty well, running the 6.75 km in a time of 31.15. Next time, he said, he’d move closer to the front to avoid the nordic walkers.

Some people however didn’t take the race all too seriously and wore costumes. The Bosch group dawned blue wigs and pushed along some serious stereo equipment.

In Bavaria, Beer is our Gatorade. There was lots of flowing, free Erdinger non-alcoholic wheat beer. Not my favorite non-alcoholic beer, my preference is Paulaner if I’m forgoing a beer buzz.

I stood along the course to see if I could sneak a picture of Alex but he ended up skirting past me, obviously faster than the rest of crowd. So I climbed the stands and hoped our plan of reunification would work.

I got a little worried because there were 100s of people crossing the finish line every 1 minute. I began to fill with doubt that I’d see him among the masses. But then I saw him. It’s weird how you can identify the ones you love from a bazillion miles. Our plan though failed. Alex, without his glasses, couldn’t see squat. And his co-worker motioned that they’d be heading away from me (to get the free beer!)

Lucky us, we had a backup plan: meet at the storage house in front of the U-bahn stop. As I waited in the ever growing darkness, I saw Alex jog up to me with a beer in hand and two cups. He drank his already. This one was for me.

It was exciting catching up on the event and comparing our perspectives. He loved the run, but loved it better because I tagged along. It’s also nice to be on the spectator side of the track.